dinsdag 22 november 2011


Aritzia Spring 2012

Aritzia Spring 2012 2

Aritzia Spring 2012 3

Aritzia Spring 2012 4

Aritzia Spring 2012 5

Aritzia Spring 2012 6

Aritzia Spring 2012 7

Aritzia Spring 2012 8

Aritzia Spring 2012 9

Aritzia Spring 2012 10

The Aritzia Spring 2012 collection takes a preppy turn without compromising its drapey, bohemian roots. Dreamy and elegant, the line offers cool and contemporary clothing that is perfect for the season of life and renewal.
Nevertheless, amidst the femininity of each piece in the Aritzia Spring 2012 collection, there is an edge that also defines this line from past ones. Silky frocks and blouses are paired with tailored blazers and pants. By colliding two worlds together (the preppy and sporty with the free-spirited and relaxed), the Aritzia Spring 2012 collection will appeal to many. There is even a hint of the burgeoning pajama fad in some of the outfits. Overall, the Aritzia Spring 2012 collection focuses on comfortable chic ensembles.

donderdag 22 september 2011

Mad for Plaid

See by Chloe Resort 2012

See by Chloe Resort 2012 2

See by Chloe Resort 2012 3

The See by Chloe

zaterdag 10 september 2011

The BCBGeneration Fall 2011

BCBGeneration Fall 2011

BCBGeneration Fall 2011 2

BCBGeneration Fall 2011 3

BCBGeneration Fall 2011 4

BCBGeneration Fall 2011 5

BCBGeneration Fall 2011 6

As though shot on the surface of the sun, the BCBGeneration Fall 2011 ad campaign is hot, hot, hot. But more than that, it is also extremely glamorous and downright fashionable. A perfect shoot for the autumn season, the warm glow shining right off of the screen makes you think of falling leaves and crisp air. Yet the loose shorts, flowery frocks and vibrant colors still have a hint of summer in them.

vrijdag 2 september 2011

Warm Womanly

4G by Gizia AW11

4G by Gizia AW11 2

4G by Gizia AW11 3

4G by Gizia AW11 4

4G by Gizia AW11 5

4G by Gizia AW11 6

4G by Gizia AW11 8

by Gizia AW11 collection

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Chic Birdy Hats

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 2

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 3

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 4

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 5

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 6

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 7

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 8

Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 9

Summer might be a prime time to don large brimmed hats in order to shield faces from the scorching hot, skin-damaging sun, yet the Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 collection is definitely made from the autumn season.
Made out of felt, the Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 collection is filled with retro inspiration, including pieces like classic fedoras, ‘70s-esque floppy fits and vintage cloches. With an earth tone palette, this headwear line will certainly complement the style transition from summer to fall, keeping gals both chic and warm as the leaves change color and the air turns crisper.
A cohesive collection, the Eugenia Kim Fall 2011 line is made for the stylish and sophisticated woman with a little bit of a flair for drama.

dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Salacious Socialite

Vivianne QVEST Magazine

Vivianne QVEST Magazine 2

Vivianne QVEST Magazine 3

Vivianne QVEST Magazine 4

Vivianne QVEST Magazine 6

Vivianne QVEST Magazine 7

Vivianne QVEST Magazine 8

Vivianne QVEST Magazine 9

The Vivianne QVEST Magazine #46 editorial is a striking display of luxurious high fashion contrasted with gorgeous outdoor imagery. The shoot’s styles encompass all of the colors of summer with high-class cuts and necklines that make for attire that can only be described as supremely elegant.
Styled by talented duo Arkadius Giesek and Daniel Balks, the looks are ladylike and compliment the theme and setting of the shoot perfectly. Photographer Andrea D’Aquino tells a film-like story through movement and a variety of unusual angles that give the shoot an air of intriguing mystery.
Exuding unabashed femininity and grace, Vivianne strikes a perfect balance between helpless housewife and independent woman that makes the shoot so endearing.